Future tense - Presentation
Perfect tense - Choose the right participle ending
Write down the infinitive of the verbs at the imperfect tense
Future tense - Match French and English
Perfect - Who wants to be a millionaire
Future - Choose the right answer
Perfect - Avoir or Etre verbs?
Imperfect - Find the odd one out
Tenses - Near future to future
Tenses - Look at the pictures and choose the right tense
Past tense - Solve the riddle
Past tense - Riddle one more go
Choose between pouvoir, vouloir et devoir
Choose between le / la / les/ l'
Word order - Jumbled up sentences
Read the words and choose the one that is NOT an adverb
Look at the adjective and write the matching adverb. Eg: tranquille - tranquillement
Find the adverb in the sentences and write them down
Write the missing final consonnant
g sound - Read the words and find the odd one out
Homonyms - Choose the right spelling
Other grammar points
The definite article
Plural/singular - Fill in the gaps
Fill in the gaps with un/une/des/le/la/les/l'
Order of adjectives - Jumbled up sentences
Choose between à , en , au and aux
Questions - Jumbled up sentences
Questions words - Fill in the gaps
Negation - Devinette
Choose between de or d'
Choose between ce/cette/ces/cet