A l' école
Linking school subjects with time and day
Memory game
Write down the subjects in French. Careful, you're being timed!
School subjects - Presentation
Match the pictures of school subjects with the words in French
Same as above
Quelle est ta matière préfèrée?
Decide if the comments are positive or negative and click on each word to check your answer
Conversation 1
Conversation 2
Conversation 3
Conversation 4
Conversation 5
J'adore le français
Dunk the teacher
C'est quelle matière?
Dunk the teacher
Decide if the words are masculine or feminine or plural and click on each word to check your answer
Match the subjects in French and English. Careful, the words are hidden!
Sentences to be translated from English into French
Vocab and pronunciation
School subjects and opinions
Talking about your school