Introducing the vocab
Presentation - Talking about pets
Presentation - Numbers 22 to 40
Presentation - Conversation about pets
Exercises - Numbers 1 to 40
memory game - numbers 22 to 31
Put the numbers in the right order starting with the smallest
Crossword - Click on the number to see the clues - numbers 22 to 40
Match the sounds and the words. Careful, they're hidden!
Splat the teacher
balloon game - Numbers 32 to 40
Anagrams - Numbers 22 to 31
Anagrams - Numbers 32 to 40
Listen to the people talking and choose the right number
Wordshoot - Numbers 13 to 21
Dunk the teacher - Numbers 22 to 40
Exercises - Pets
memory game
Listen to the French words and spell them
Match the French sounds and the English words
Balloon game
Listen to the people talking about their pets and choose the right answer
Match the French words and the pictures
Crosswords with pictures
Dunk the teacher
Vocab and pronunciation
Numbers 32 to 40