Les Parties du Corps
Dunk the teacher
Memory game
Match the parts of the body in French and in English
Same as above, but this time you need to memorise where the words are
Find the matching pairs. Two people can play
The head - Presentation
Parts of the body - Presentation
Splat the teacher
Decide if the words are masculine or feminine and click on each word to check your answer
Look at the different parts of the body and write them down in French
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
True or false. Conversation 1
True or false. Conversation 2
True or false. Conversation 3
True or false. Conversation 4
J'ai mal!
Listen to people saying what is wrong with them
Crossword - Click on the number to see the clues
Sentences to be translated from English into French
Vocab and pronunciation
Parts of the body
Saying what's wrong