Family and Relationships
Est-ce qu'on parle de mariage ou de cohabitation?
Mots mélés
Talking about your friends - Who says what
Relie les mots français et anglais
Talking about your family - Choose between positive (P), negative (N) or not mentioned (NM)
Video Les adolescents - Fill in the gaps
Conversation 1
Conversation 2
Conversation 3
Conversation 4
Read the text about peer pressure and choose the right answer
Read the text about children of divorced parents and choose the right answer
Crossword - Click on the number to see the clues
Jumbled up sentences
Relationships - Wordshoot
Mariage - Who says what
Talking about yourself
Read the text and choose the right answer
Match French and English
Same as above, but this time the words are hidden
List of questions on that topic
Decide if the words are qualities or faults and click on each word to check your answer
Find the odd one out
Vocab and pronunciation
Talking about yourself, your family and your pets - key sentences
Talking about relationships - Keywords and sentences
Description - Keywords