Life at school
Compréhension écrite sur la violence à l'école. Questionnaire à choix multiple
Relie les mots français et anglais
List of questions on that topic. Ask your teacher to mark your answers
Video - L'uniforme à l'école
Video - Les vacances scolaires
Read the text about the French schools and choose the right answer
Read the text on private school and choose the right answer
Masculine or feminine - Put the audio files in the right column
School Life
Read the conversation on teachers and choose the right answer
Match questions and answers
Reorder the sentences
Read the text and decide if the sentences are true or false
Decide if the comments are positive or negative and click on each word to see your answer
Listen to the words and spell them
Match the words and the sounds
Match the words and the sounds, this time they're hidden
Vocab and pronunciation
Life at school - Keywords
Life at school - Key sentences