Introducing the vocab
Decide where each label needs to go and click on each word to check your answer
Greetings - Presentation
Presentation - Numbers 1 to 12
Presentation - Classroom instructions
Presentation - Classroom vocab
Exercises - Numbers 1 to 12
Listen to the numbers and choose the right one
Memory game - numbers 1 to 12
Write down numbers 1 to 10 in French. Careful, you're being timed!
Balloon game
Listen to the words and write the right number, using figures
Dunk the teacher
Exercises - Classroom Instructions and Vocab
Listen to the people talking and click on the right picture
Match the French and the pictures
Listen to the teachers and choose the right picture
Label the picture using the audio files on the side
Exercises - Greetings
Listen to the classroom instructions and match them to the French
Greetings - Choose the right answer
Greetings - Match questions and answers
Greetings - Match French and English (Careful, the words are hidden)
Vocab and pronunciation
Numbers 1 to 12
In the classroom
Key phrases