Introducing the vocab
Presentation - Talking about French money
Presentation - Talking about ice creams
Presentation - Talking about snacks
Exercises - Understanding money
Match the sounds with the words
Match the words with the pictures
Dunk the teacher
Match the amount with the picture - more practice
Exercises - Drinks and Snacks
Dunk the teacher
Listen to the conversations and decide if the sentences are true or false
Crossword - Click on the number to see the clues
Match the words and the pictures
Match the words and the pictures of ice creams
Listen to the people talking about ice creams and choose the right answer
Dunk the teacher
Look at the picture and write the words down
Numbers 60 to 100
Listen to the numbers and choose the right answer
Read the number and write it down in full in French
Dunk the teacher
Vocab and pronunciation
Buying snacks