Les couleurs
Memory game
Crossword - Click on the number to see the clues - Click on a number to see the clue.
Match the pictures of the colours with the words
Match more pictures and words to do with colours
Wordshoot - Colours
C'est quelle couleur?
Look at the different colours and write them down in French
Spell the colours in French. Careful, you're being timed!
Listen and fill in the gaps
Colours - Presentation
Les vêtements
Dunk the teacher
Memory game
Choose the right answer
Crossword - Click on the number to see the clues
Clothes - Presentation
School uniform - Presentation
Decide if the words are masculine or feminine and click on each word to check your answer
Match the words and the pictures
Match the words and the pictures. Careful, this time the words are hidden!
Wordshoot - Clothes
Les vêtements et les couleurs
Adjective agreement - Presentation
Listen to the people talking and choose the right picture
Sentences to be translated from English into French
Vocab and pronunciation