Reading for pleasure

Before you start looking at the texts, here are some tips on how to handle longer texts in the target language :

Before you start :

  • Try to find out what the text is about by looking for clues. Look at the pictures, the captions, the title, the layout…
  • Look at the different sections. Which part is the introduction, the main body of the text, the conclusion '
  • Think of the words you already know in French on the topic of the text. Bear them in mind when you read the text.

As you're reading :

  • Read the whole text first.
  • Then look at one sentence at a time, not one word. How many words do you already know ' Is that enough to understand the meaning of the sentence ?
  • Don't forget, you don't need to understand every single word to work out what the sentence means.
  • How many words can you guess ? Do some of them remind you of an English word ?
  • What words do you need to look up in the dictionary ? You should look up words that reappear several times in the text, words that you think you know but are not totally sure..
    Make a short list and write the translation down.

Enjoy your reading !

Key Stage 3 (Beginner Level)

In this new section, you will find 10 texts on different topics. These texts have been created by Jeremy Taylor, a British writer living in France

For each text we have created 5 exercises to check pupils' understanding of the language. Difficult words and sentences are highlighted in red and if you hover your cursor over them you will see the English translation.

Key Stage 4 (Intermediate Level)

The following two chapters come from a book written by jeremy taylor and aimed at learners of french as a foreign language. The book is called "Parce que je t'aime". It's very funny, very well written and will appeal to male (don't be put off by the title) and female readers.

If you or your pupils are interested in finding out what happens after the first two chapters, you can buy the book (£3.95) by getting in touch with the author on

As usual, we have created exercises to go with the texts. The difficult words in the texts have a number next to them. if you click on it, it will take you to a definition in French.