Eteach is an online education recruitment company who specialise in teacher and support staff recruitment all over the UK and Northern Ireland . They take both temporary and permanent staff and currently have over 700,000 people a month who hit their website, as well as a record breaking amount of jobseekers signing up to the website.

This is the site of Ashcombe language college in Surrey. It is a well of information and resources for language teachers. The great thing about this site is its sets of videos of native speakers (French, German and Spanish)accompanied by exercises which cover 16 topics, mainly for GCSE students.

It also provides an excellent list of links categorized by topics. Very impressive! is a portal site created by and for French teachers in Ireland

The site aims to provide resource material for teachers and the opportunity to consult pedagogical material online.

The main feature of the site is the Resource Finder which is designed to get the reader directly to the web resources they require. Readers choose the level, skill and theme they plan to cover in class and they find specific webpages that have been selected and catalogued by practising teachers of French.

All material is presented within an environment that includes a forum and newsletter supporting the teaching of French in Ireland. It offers an ideal opportunity to expand and extend the use of ICT in language teaching.

This website contains thousands of interactive exercises to help you with your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

This is a superb site to practise French pronunciation! You can hear all the sounds of the French language and there are very good exercises to practise. The presentation is fun and it's very easy to navigate. A must for French learners!

If you have pupils who like murder mysteries and speaking French, then this site is a dream come true! Read about the murder, find out about the suspects and solve the crime. Pupils won't even realise that they are actually doing reading and listening comprehensions and grammar exercises.

A lot of fun for pupils of all ages as this site offers 4 different levels of difficulty.

This is an impressive site all in French, which offers reading and listening comprehensions, grammar exercises, vocab lists and a lot more. It's fun, authentic and very educational! (This site is probably best for year 10 and above)

Vous devez aider une oie à rentrer chez elle en répondant à des questions sur la langue française. Choisissez votre niveau et le jeu qui vous intéresse ...

"Talkingdice" is a brilliant site for all MFL teachers. For £5.85 (including p&p) you can buy a set of 6 printed dice on a lot of different topics all linked to the National Curriculum. This site also gives you loads of ideas on how to use the dice in the classroom. It's a great and cheap way to encourage students to speak in any language!

Resources from a Swiss school site - contains games, jokes and interactive curricular activities.

This site is intended for both students and teachers. For the former, it provides a lot of practical information such as applying to universities, finding accomodation ... as well as learning sites.

For teachers, it offers access to Unions sites, discussion forums, vacancies, performance tables and inspection sites and so on. Bookmark it!

Not only does this site offer links to French sites, it also provides a multitude of links to the canadian culture, language and gastronomy! A great site to remind us that French is not just spoken in France!

Ce site propose aux étudiants des cours pour apprendre et étudier le français. Vous découvrirez le vocabulaire en cliquant sur des images. A chaque mot est associé le son afin de faciliter la prononciation des apprenants en français. Un exercice vous est ensuite proposé sur le même thème.
Vous pouvez si vous le désirez, télécharger l'activité pour l'utiliser sans être connecté sur Internet. Sélectionnez le type d'ordinateur que vous utilisez. Les fiches sont libres de droit pour une utilisation non commerciale.

Dans ce site, vous trouverez
        • des informations utiles
        • des questions de formats différents pour tester vos connaissances avec des enregistrements audio
        • des photos de la vie de tous les jours et de la France (plus de 800)
        • des interviews vidéo
        • des situations (chez le docteur, etc.)
        • une section pour rire avec des expressions imagées et des proverbes avec des enregistrements audio

This site has developed some custom pop-up windows and a French lessons engine that delivers short pieces of information and questions.

You can set these pop-up windows to open as often as you like, and your answers to the questions are recorded for you to track your progress.

These windows and lessons will aid French learning online by testing and improving your French reading, French writing and (if you opt for the sound files) French listening skills.

The content of the pop-up's can be linked to the Free French lessons or can be fully customised to your own requirements.

This site offers exercises in some of the topics covered for AS: Gapfilling exercises, reading comprehensions, vocabulary tests …

It also suggests different French sites for each topic for extra information and further reading.

This site is a portal which specialises in online exercises on different areas of the French language and culture. It also offers a list of sites that teachers can use to create their own quizzes.

This site offers access to online exercises to go alongside textbooks such as : Métro, Avantage, Fusée, Equipe and Formule X.

For KS4, it offers access to past papers and more online exercises.

Very useful site!

This is a very famous revision site for GCSE. As well as providing exam skills, it offers reading and writing activities both at foundation and higher level.

It is a very user-friendly site which offers advice in English with hints to help pupils with exam techniques.

This site is also available in German.

A very user-friendly site created by a French teacher

There are roughly four or five types of exercises for each topic and this site has a "check" and "hint" option.

"French Revision" is a great site which offers a lot of practise for KS3, KS4 and KS5 in all four skills, as well as grammar exercises.

For GCSE students, it also offers access to past papers which can be marked on the spot.

Well worth a visit!

This site contains realia, podcasts and and a lot of exercises to practise vocab and grammar

An excellent grammar site comprising lessons as well as exercises. It is very exhaustive and easy to follow. The armadillo theme throughout makes the grammar more fun.

This is particularly helpful for exam revision with lots of tips and past papers for GCSE and A'levels

Pupils can use this online dictionary to check vocabulary from French or German to English and vice-versa.

This website contains some fun interactive games for KS3 and KS4

AS students will find this site extremely useful when revising grammar. It follows the AS textbook "Pyramide" and covers all the grammar points studied in the book with exercises to practise. Students can check their answers on the spot.

This site also offers links towards other useful sites relating to each topic.

This is a fun, interactive site with a lot of games, some of which can be played by two or more pupils

Exercises are added on a regular basis, so it is well worth checking this site regularly. Most of the topics follow the same pattern of exercises, such as matching French and English, wordsearches, flashcards.

Although this site is not aimed directly at GCSE pupils, it covers a lot of the topics studied and is an excellent tool to revise vocabulary and grammar at foundation level.

Recommended by The Good Schools Guide, The Tutor Pages is an all-round
resource for parents, students and tutors.

This website is exclusively UK based

This site is based on the TV channel TV5 Monde. It is a mine of information on the French culture and language. It offers videos and interactive exercises on a lot of topics and it’s free.

Some exercises can also be done on ipads/iphones.




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