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3 Sep 2013 - Jo
I was registered for Gut and Zut in my old job. I've moved school. My former colleagues will continue the subscription. However, can I open a new subscription for Zut and Oye? Jo

3 Sep 2013 - Bruno
Please, please, could you make it that all your exercises work on ipads !

7 Aug 2013 - beth
thanks absolutely amazing and uuseful

27 Jul 2013 - Mary
any possibility of developing similar resources for Italian??

15 Jul 2013 - chloe rose
i thing this is a really good games sit for all years and I will let my teacher now about this site

26 Jun 2013 - Fanny
Hello, just discovered your website. It looks great and fun to learn a language this way. Do you have an equivalent to learn English ?

15 Jun 2013 - Andrew
is really fun and useful for me to revise for and very intresting

9 Jun 2013 - sam
manic miner is amazing

3 May 2013 - Nancy
Absolutely amazing website for my GCSE french listening and reading exam. I have introduced half of my year to this website and I can't say how much the activities are superb and so interactive. Merci beaucoup.

5 Apr 2013 - Jean-François
J'utilise souvent votre site et je le trouve très bien fait. Est-ce qu'il y a moyen de savoir quand vous ajoutez de nouveaux exercises?

1 Apr 2013 - Helen
The new exercises for Years 10 and 11 are fab. You needed some new stuff for GCSE. Well done.

28 Mar 2013 - Emma
this site is just what I needed to practice my listening. Could we have more grammar exercises please?

14 Mar 2013 - Greg
I particularly enjoy the audio material you're offering. Not always easy to find on the net.

13 Mar 2013 - Sarah-Jane
The blue background looks much better than the white. Good idea!

7 Mar 2013 - Jenny
Thanks for your help in downloading the powerpoints. Much appreciated!

2 Mar 2013 - Greg
I find the exercises on Zut very useful at the beginning of lessons to do a quick recap of the vocab we worked on in the previous lesson. It’s fun, quick and the students enjoy it.

22 Feb 2013 - peter
The new background makes the site more appealing to pupils. The white was a bit boring before.

17 Feb 2013 - Steve
Thanks for your help with the renewing of our subscription. We use Zut so often, I really didn't want our subscription to lapse.

10 Feb 2013 - Philippe
ça fait 6 ans qu'on est inscrit et j'apprecie beaucoup le fait qu'il y ait des nouveaux exercises rajoutés très régulierement. Merci!

3 Feb 2013 - Jon
My favourite exercises is manicminer beacuse i'm good at that sort of games