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20 Apr 2016 - Susie
hi we need to re subscribe and add German to our subscription. Cannot find where to do it. Love the site especially the Year 12 news bulletins...

29 Mar 2016 - Sally
Hi Catherine, are you able to use this website during the day during school holidays? Thanks for letting me know. Sally

24 Jan 2016 - Lindsay
Really like Zut!

21 Jan 2016 - Mr Evans
If I’m subscribed to Zut, does it mean that I’m subscribed to Zut Junior too?

12 Jan 2016 - Alison
I’ve just seen on your website that we would soon be able to use the site on ipads. That’s’ great news! I can’t wait!!

6 Jan 2016 - No name provided
When will you be adding some new exercises to the new curriculum section? What you’ve got so far is very useful. Thanks.

3 Dec 2015 - Julia Watson
I live in Dubai and I wanted to use Zut but it asked me for a password. I thought the site was free between 4.00pm and 9.00am UK time or does it know where you are? Thanks for your help. Julia Watson

17 Nov 2015 - No name supplied
I like it!

9 Nov 2015 - Amelia
I’ve got some homework to do on Zut but the teaher didn’t give me the login. What can I do?!

7 Nov 2015 - Manon
The videos of the news are too hard!!

25 Oct 2015 - Steve
I like the news videos. Keep them coming. Steve

16 Oct 2015 - Meg
Hi my name is Meg and I’m in year 8. I use Zut all the time in school and I really like it. Meg

9 Oct 2015 - Mrs Fayed
Is the site free during half-term?

3 Oct 2015 - no name supplied
Very useful for cover lessons

20 Sep 2015 - jo
great website. Easy to navigate and appealing to students.

9 Sep 2015 - Denis
When are you planning to make your site compatible with ipads?

7 Sep 2015 - Teresa
Thank you so much for all the new exercises for the new curriculum! It’s going to save me hours of preparation work! So useful! Teresa

10 Aug 2015 - giles
i love manic miner a lot!!! the game pwns!!!!

8 Jul 2015 - Rachel
Dear Catherine, I will be retiring at the end of the school year so I will not be the one to contact to renew our subscription to Zut. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your resources and your help. Keep up the good work. Rachel

23 Jun 2015 - Emilie
Hi. Love it to bits and my department too!!! To improve, a way to just type in the school code upfront without having to re-select all the documents would make it easier to work with for a class/or when giving a cover lesson. Thank you ;o)