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10 May 2017 - Max

Hi Catherine. When will you finish converting all the exercises into html5?

2 May 2017 - Laurence

Thank you for the new exercises for Year 13, particularly the ones on the second World War. They save me a lot of preparation.

6 Apr 2017 - 2 Year 6 pupils

We’ve used the new exercises on Zut yesterday and we learnt a lot. It was fun too.

1 Apr 2017 - Teacher of French

Zut is invaluable for a quick recap at the beginning of the lesson.

28 Mar 2017 - Oscar Durieux

I heard about your site from a British colleague. I teach English as a foreign language in a French school and would definitely subscribe to your sites if you had a TEFL version. Any plans for one?

12 Mar 2017 - No name provided

I like the variety of exercises you provide and the way it follows the national curriculum.

7 Mar 2017 - Bernard G.

I really like the new exercises for Chrome and Safari but I find the ones on the news items a bit confusing.

4 Mar 2017 - Zoe

A friend who teaches in another school recommended your site. She uses it quite a lot and her pupils really enjoy some of the activities. Can you just confirm that you get Zut, Gut and Oye for £98?

Kind regards


25 Feb 2017 - Chelsea

Your new exercises for Chrome and Safari are fab! My pupils really enjoy them. Thanks!

22 Feb 2017 - Craig

Hi Catherine,

The new html5 exercises look great. They're going to come very handy as we're an iPad school now.



11 Feb 2017 - Mel

Love the new exercises!

2 Feb 2017 - No name provided

I was so pleased to see that you had started to convert your exercises for use on ipads. Keep up he good worlk.

24 Jan 2017 - Marie-Louise

Your website is so useful when I need to leave work when I'm away. Thanks!

13 Jan 2017 - No name provided

I think that £98 for 3 sites is a bit steep!

8 Jan 2017 - Hayley

Dear Webmistress,

I just wanted to know if you were going to do a Safari version of the news video? I find them really useful and it is such a shame that I can't use them on my mac.

28 Nov 2016 - Fiona

Dear Catherine

We would like to thank you and your colleagues again for the great resources they provide us with , particularly this year, when we are creating/sourcing new materials for the new AL syllabus.



2 Nov 2016 - Avis
Thanks Catherine,
It's a great resource , for A level work in particular. I use it a lot. 

17 Oct 2016 - HoD

Your site looks like it has a lot of good stuff in it but we use macs in my school so it’s no good to me.

10 Jun 2016 - Helen
Love the website, but have been experiencing problems with logging on recently.

3 May 2016 - Nina
I love zut, it covers all my topics for yr 12!!