FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Can I use Zut on an ipad? 

Yes, all of our exercises have been updated from Flash to html5 so can be used on Macs and Ipads.

2) The "login" page keep coming up although I know I'm logged in

Your computer is caching the "login" page. Make sure you log in using the link in the left hand side menu "register/login", as opposed to logging in from an exercise.  

3) I don't seem to be able to exit the screen while in whiteboard mode.

If you click on the cross on the top right hand corner, it should be bring you back to a normal screen. If you cannot see the cross, just press ALT + F4, and it will shut any window you're in.

4) I don't have a French keyboard and don't know how to do accents.

Go the the following page - French accents - and you will find a table and easy explanations on how to produce French accents.

5) What is the difference between teacher password and pupil password?

Logging in using the teacher password gives you access to extra options.

For instance : You can access your registration details (link on the left hand side menu called « my account ») and change your passwords, your contact email address or print an invoice. It also gives you access to all the transcripts of the listening comprehensions.