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Have you registered for Zut yet?

 In order to use Zut! between the hours of 9am and 4pm on Weekdays, you will need to register with us: £50 per school or £30 for private users. The rest of the time the access to the site is free! Please note, you will need a separate subscription for our German and Spanish site.

If you wish to register a ZUT account, click here.


If you are subscribed to both Zut and Gut, you are entitled to a free 12 month subscription to Oye, normally worth £30.00


We have just added the English correction to the Year 12 translations. You will find them under Year 12, "Extra resources and other topics", "Translations".

We have also completely restructured the topics in Years 12 and 13 so that they reflect the new A'level curriculum.


We are moving offices on Friday 02/12/2016.

Please note the new address:

Language Skills

6 Lon Y Cadno

Church Village

CF38 2BQ

01443 566470

Our bank details remain the same for bacs payment.


We will be converting all of our exercises to html5 which will mean that you will be able to use Zut on ipads, tablets and normal browsers.

We are working on some new exercises based on authentic French material for KS3 in line with the new curriculum.

Please, do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any suggestions on how we could improve our sites.

Catherine Murphy, December 2016 

schoolzoneaward 5 Oct 2010

top-french-siteawards 29 Oct 2008


"A terrific site that contains plenty of online interactive activities organised by year group. Year 7 resources include an opportunity to listen to conversations about holidays and decide if they are true or false. The more difficult words are highlighted and may be selected for a translation. In addition to audio clips, there are wordsearches, crosswords, worksheets and other interesting resources. The site is free to use after 4pm and before 9am so it could be used as a homework resource, but a subscription is required for school use during the day."
Education Guardian.

23 Mar 2004

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