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3 Mar 2007 - Alyson lee
Really impressed with resources. No money at present but will definitely be registering next session

13 Feb 2007 - charlotte
when you click the hint button on les loisir en france the whole paragrah disappears but apart from that the whole site is very useful for me as a year 12 student, the information is clear and well written the excerises are perfect for practising i have recommended you site to my whole class fantastic thank you

1 Feb 2007 - Gill
Excellent resiurces & I often use the site both in the classroom & in the ICT room where pupils work independently. 

5 Dec 2006 - cathy
Really like site, pressing for school to subscribe, although youngsters have enjoyed having H/W set from the site

21 Nov 2006 - moira
I enjoyed using the zut site when I taught French in Uk. I am now in thailand, teaching French to beginners in grades 6.7.8. Can I still use your materials please?

17 Nov 2006 - monica m.
extraordinaire! C'est très très bien fait et utile pour motiver les élèves même ceux qui ont des problèmes d'apprentissage!

16 Nov 2006 - ben
brilliant really helpfull will help me with my test

8 Nov 2006 - Anne Passmore
Have used this site in Uk. Would like to use it with my students in New Zealand. How much will it cost and do we have to pay VAT if we are not in the Uk. Thanks Anne

30 Oct 2006 - Andrea
Hi there,  Love the site - use it all the time with my pupils. Could we have a Year 13 section in French on La Politique.

25 Oct 2006 - nathalie
I have just looked at the new primary site and I think that most of it is very well suited to primary children , it's as good as it can get, I always enjoy looking at your site, it's clear, fun, different, very user friendly and really teaches useful topics in the right way. there seems to be a problem with primary, family dialogue about asking for how many brothers/sisters the girl has ..... I can't get the answer from her ! All the best Nathalie

13 Oct 2006 - david
Really uesful website,I'm going to tell my mates at school. It would be even better if there were more listening skills activities...I find that the hardest part.

13 Sep 2006 - Corinne Walker
We have subscribed again, really enjoying it, but why has the topic on the environment disappeared from the Year12 programme? I need it back!!!!

24 Aug 2006 - Fiona
We would also like to subscribe to the German and Spanish sites. There are so many good tasks I want to use with my students in the coming year!

18 Jul 2006 - chris
this is a great site and can help at all exams mostly G.C.S.E

14 Jun 2006 - Jeffrey
I've tried before but when oh when will the primary site be on line Catherine. We need it. Regards Jeff

19 Apr 2006 - Joanna
Great site; I wish the school had told us about it! It's at just the right level for me. I wonder if there's any scope for more practical speaking practice?

7 Apr 2006 - Karolina
Hi there!! I think that this site is great but I have a question: do you have transcripts to your listening as it would be very helpful for me to understand. I'd be very grateful if you could send me them.

24 Mar 2006 - Nathalie
Dear Zut, your site is FAB. My dept uses it a lot and we were wondering if you had any Easter activities? Merci! Ntahalie

13 Jan 2006 - eileen
great site kids love it.

27 Nov 2005 - Fiona
We have thoroughly appreciated using both Zut and Gut at our School over the past year or 2: there is nothing to beat them!