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18 Aug 2009 - Jane Darrou

Brilliant site, so useful and fun for the students. I have used the TF1 reports with senior students and love the Middle School activities. The listening material is particularly good for independent work. Love everything about zut! Merci mille fois!

7 Jun 2009 - Danielle

This site is fantatsic not only for teachers but also for students, like myself, who struggle to find interactive language revision activities. I'm currently sitting my A-Levels in both french and german, and find both sites incredibly useful and fun aswell. Keep up the good work.

2 Jun 2009 - Lucy
This is a really cool site, and really useful. Could you get past papers and stuff? 'cos Edexcel only gives them out if you're a teacher which is no use for students like me! I love "gut" as well

6 Apr 2009 - Michael
Hello Catherine I'm really glad to read that you will soon be launching a KS2 site. My students enjoyed the ativities. I am teaching French as a second language to the gr.4,5 and 6 elementaty students and they love the interactive and colourful activities. The best of luck to you and the team. It's fun to teach with Zut.

26 Mar 2009 - Jill Keenan
The section you have expanded for A level teaching is excellent. It would be wonderful, however, if you could also provide transcrips to the news videos.

1 Mar 2009 - evelyn
MY motivation is waning. Thank you for some fun things that I can use on Monday with my toughest FSL classroom. They will be excited when I warm them up with some of these Smart board games. fsl teacher

1 Jan 2009 - Alek
Hi. Good site.

24 Sep 2008 - dominique
Hi! I think your website is excellent! I have a new projector in my room and am really enjoying using the materials you have put together - the pupils really enjoy it too. 

15 Jul 2008 - Emma
Hi Catherine. Zut is my favourite site of all those I regularly use. It's layout is excellent. It is user friendly, comprehensive and perfectly pitched. I use it for all my pupils - they are aged between 5 and 76! Merci beaucoup.

3 Jul 2008 - Jacky
quite a helpful website, hope it will develop, and get even more interesting

22 Mar 2008 - amy
i am struggling in french and this a great help

2 Feb 2008 - Carole Dixon
Great! Any plans for a Russian section?? Thanks

24 Jan 2008 - Anne
Darn! what a funny name... better than other sites

23 Nov 2007 - kate
Bonjour! We love Zut! Could you please put up the Christmas activities you had last year? Merci beaucoup Kate

16 Oct 2007 - Katheine
gr8 site use it for extra french my teacher told me bout it

9 Oct 2007 - Tim
Excellent site, getting better all the time. I use it virtually every lesson. Subscription was well worth every penny - we will definitely be renewing.

25 Jun 2007 - Charlie
Do you have any online activities to support the transission between GCSE and AS level for french or german?

18 May 2007 - BRITTANY
I like Zut. It is easy to navigate. It also coinclides well with the work I am doing at school and should help me as I prepare to start my GCSE in Modern Laungages next Year.

9 Apr 2007 - Marie-Claire
Saw your website on Teachers TV today - what a fab site, I have spent the afternoon mooching around it and plan to use it well this term

20 Mar 2007 - becca and dani
we love zut! its helped us so much with our french activities. Especially for our GCSEs. C'EST SUPERRRR.