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9 Nov 2015 - Amelia
I’ve got some homework to do on Zut but the teaher didn’t give me the login. What can I do?!

7 Nov 2015 - Manon
The videos of the news are too hard!!

25 Oct 2015 - Steve
I like the news videos. Keep them coming. Steve

16 Oct 2015 - Meg
Hi my name is Meg and I’m in year 8. I use Zut all the time in school and I really like it. Meg

9 Oct 2015 - Mrs Fayed
Is the site free during half-term?

3 Oct 2015 - no name supplied
Very useful for cover lessons

20 Sep 2015 - jo
great website. Easy to navigate and appealing to students.

9 Sep 2015 - Denis
When are you planning to make your site compatible with ipads?

7 Sep 2015 - Teresa
Thank you so much for all the new exercises for the new curriculum! It’s going to save me hours of preparation work! So useful! Teresa

10 Aug 2015 - giles
i love manic miner a lot!!! the game pwns!!!!

8 Jul 2015 - Rachel
Dear Catherine, I will be retiring at the end of the school year so I will not be the one to contact to renew our subscription to Zut. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your resources and your help. Keep up the good work. Rachel

23 Jun 2015 - Emilie
Hi. Love it to bits and my department too!!! To improve, a way to just type in the school code upfront without having to re-select all the documents would make it easier to work with for a class/or when giving a cover lesson. Thank you ;o)

17 Jun 2015 - Mrs Waters
I wish there was a way to record pupils’ score so that teachers can tell if they have done the homework set from the site and how well they did. Are you planning on doing something like that? Mrs Waters (hod)

11 Jun 2015 - Debbie
Really useful site! I wish I had found it at the beginning of the school year.

3 Jun 2015 - Mr Evans
Dear Mrs Murphy. Do you have a newsletter that we could subscribe to?

6 May 2015 - Hilary
I have enjoyed the website over the years; it's a fantastic resource and has been used by several of my pupils as well as colleagues. Thank for you all your efforts and best wishes for the future success of Zut. Hilary

18 Apr 2015 - Emilie
Great resources!!!!! Waow! Thank you!!!!

11 Apr 2015 - Catherine
We have a subscription to your excellent site. We tried to access the year 13 videos from home today on two different mac computers. reinstalling Flash on both, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

2 Apr 2015 - Cath
Thanks for adding more grammar exercises for KS5 Cath

22 Jan 2015 - Lucy-Ann
Hello. I’m a French teacher in Australia. I’m very keen to subscribe to your great site. I just wanted to check if it was possible to pay by cheque. Looking forward to hearing from you.